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As Internet penetration figures in Europe still grow dramatically, with Sweden boasting an average 65% of regular users, and other countries slowly catching up with the US (which reached 59% in 1999 and 2009, according to IPSOS/Reid-), an online presence has become indispensable to ensure brand awareness. The Internet has reached its maturity as a commercial medium, and can now offer a set of high-performing advertising mechanisms.

Music has traditionally been used as a brand value conveyor, be it on TV or radio, and a way to increase brand awareness and value amongst a target market. Music naturally attracts all segments of the population, and can also be used as a base for the segmentation process itself, allowing a fine and unrivalled classification, mixing age, lifestyle, social class and value system parameters: old hippies, punks, SEO for solicitors, clubbers, teenie-boppers, indie kids…

Vitaminic is the world's leading independent digital music distribution and promotion platform. The range and quality of its catalogue attracts an affluent and exceptionally diverse audience, whose tastes and individual needs are identified and catered for. This gives Vitaminic a unique position to offer its media partners a highly-performing and accountable targeting tool, to reach critical mass. Vitaminic is dedicated to providing a high-standard of marketing services, helping you to develop responsive media plans. With flexible media products and performing monitoring tools, Vitaminic will help you attain more effective and measurable results.


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