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VitaminiC, the leading platform for the promotion and distribution of digital music on the internet and other digital networks, presents a range of innovative music services for Business to Business activities.

VitaminiC has the largest European legal database of digital music content available for playing during our impressive events, which have also been awarded ‘Best Awards Specialists 2017’. Please contact us for information about how we can assist you.

Looking Good For Your Event

There are many ways of preparing for your event. Even if it’s a business event and you must remain professional at all times, looking your absolute best can also help you out and may even be the difference between getting those potential customers or stakeholders on board.

Follow our tips and tricks to look good for an event and if you have any you would like to submit to us, please email us at

Getting ready for your event is suggested to start at least 1 month in advance.

  1. Get a great skin care regime in place, so you know you’re skin will be glowing all the way through the event. If you need help, you can also go to a dermatologist who is an expert in skincare.
  2. You should also start planning your outfit, hair and makeup for your event. Talk to a stylist about what style suits you best and especially for the type of impression you want to give off.
  3. For those that have permanent eyebrows, maybe it’s time for a top up and there is no better time to do this than before an event. Tattooed 3D eyebrows produce long lasting results with hair like natural strokes, giving you complete confidence.

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